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Nome: moetaz darwish
Telefone: (97) 15864-9585
Mensagem: Dear Sir

Good Day

we invite you to try our Learning Management System that can help your School to introduce their service online ,
Our System focus on Students tracking record , we provide 5 types of questions that can help teachers to measure their students performance students Activities / Projects system that can student share his activities between his colleagues
Teacher have the possibility to upload their materials throw Video , Pdf file , write content also our system accept any video conconference app without sharing teachers account details
our system encourage E-learning by publishing all schools in every countries to all user and this can help more students to join your school even they are not in the same location

we invite you to try our system on our trial server

you can access school account with
username : Mizo-Instut
password : hassan123

Teacher Account
username : nadia
password : moetaz123

student Account
username : hassan
password : moetaz123

Also we have the ability to build customized system or add and remove features from our system

We hope to hear from you soon

Moetaz Darwish

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